20 Jan 2018

What is google analytics | Benefits of using google analytics

What is google analytics :-  Google Analytics is large tool of google. Google analytics is most powerful tool.If you want to track your site then you can use google analytics. And you can manage the website How many visitors on your site available.If you want to know bounce rate.Analytics provide to free of cost this services.

Benefits of Google Analytics tool.

1. You can track the visiters on your site.

2. You can track site traffic in different-different countries analytics through.

3. You can check weekly and monthly traffic. 

How to verify site on google analytics  Click on

Google analytics monitor your complete site because where is open your site and in which device open your site (Mobile, Laptop,Linux,Windows,Apple,Android,etc...).And In which country your site is open,and you can check traffic your site. Google analytics provide will the complete information your site.and You can find the (geo)location.and you can checking organic traffics on google search analytics through.and you can check current user on your site.

There are some point of google analytics

Avg. sessions Duration:- If someone visitor give 8 mint on your site then your site Average duration is good.

Bounce Rate:- If your site open few mint user and after some time your site close then in this situation your site bounce rate increase.

If your site bounce rate 35 then your site is good.and your site bounce rate is 65 your site performance is not good.then you need to improve your site content etc..

New session:- If your site visit new user, then this the new session.

Returning Visitor:- If someone visitor visit your site again. then we can say returning visitor.

Real-Time:-You click Real-Time then find overview of your site.And you can find visitor in real time. and you can see which device. and you can see country location and page title link.

Traffic Source:- if your site find the user on just like Facebook and Instagram google+ etc..
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18 Jan 2018

How to create blog on blogger

How to create blog on blogger

If you want to create blog on blogger. Then , First of all you need to gmail_id account then, And basically blogger  provide the free sub domain just like www.rockdevesh.blogspot.in. And if you want to take commercial domain, like  .com, .in, .org etc . you can get easily commercial domains on blogger,because blogger provide also this services,They are also paid service.

There are some point how to create blog step by step.

Step1. Go to Blogger.com then sign google account. After sign_in blog account you click on create blog.

Step2:- Sign in google account then fill the title and blogger address.

Step3:- You can add commercial domain in blogger. But it is the paid service. you can purchase one year tow three, depend on you.

Step4:- Go to the Dashboard of blogger. Then create new post in blogger.But your post content unique,because your blog does not rank in google.

Step5:- Written the content and add image. Then you can add Label(Category ) and edit the permalink  and Location and add Description. then publish the post.

Step6:- Share the post on Google Plus, Because your blog fast rank on google and promotion also incenses in some time. 

Step7:-  If you want to change title and blogger address other setting.then click on setting option

Step8:- If you want to change Layout then click on Layout. And use the multiple layout.

Step9:- If you want to change blogger theme. then click on blogger theme.find out this type screen. you can change theme.and save the theme.

Step10:- Your blog is complete show.And you can start upload post daily basis.

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What is Blogger

What is Blogger?

In this tutorial we share the knowledge,what is blogger. Blogger is very good platform regarding to blogging, But it is a free tool of google.So you can use blogger tool free of cost.If you want to create a blog on blogger.then,First of all you need to gmail_id. If you have gmail Account then you can create blog easily.


There are some point of blogger:-

 what purpose of create blog

Promote business:- If you have a business , But you want to promote your business online.Then , you can promote business easily on blogger.First of all you create the website on blogger.After create website upload the own servers on site. Blogger site is completely free.So you can find good benefit

Earn money:-If you have good knowledge regarding to any technology and recipe and any courses and health etc. Then you can share knowledge on blogger.But you content should be unique.Then, you can earn more money on blogger minimum 1000$ daily.

Ad sense:- Google are more million $ company and, it is very trusted company of USA. and google provide the  ad-sense service also.If you want to make money from google ad sense. But it is only possible when,you have quality content.Because you will be increase blog popularity from quality content.So you would earn money easily from google ad sense. Fist of all you need to good topic of blog. After 30 post complete you can apply ad sense own blog.

Blogger content:- Blogger is a tool of google, but Google have some policies regarding to blogger.If your blogger is opposite google policies.So your blog content should be not same other blogger.If your content same other blogger site.Then, In this condition of your blog will be no rank in google.and you can not find benefit from blogger. So first of all Your content should be legally and uniquely.

why should do blogging

If you create blog, then first of all increase your popularity in industry.And with in your knowledge strong. And can be earn 1000$ money daily also from blogging.And it is the great opportunity of you, earn money.

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17 Jan 2018

What is Google Plus

Google Plus:- Google Plus is large social media network tool. It is launched 28 June 2011 and currently 111 million active users on Google Plus. You can create google plus page free of cost no charge. And Google plus page represent own organization name.you can share site post and image.And  you can promote business. And your fan's and followers are find your post. And add the Google +1 badge on your site, so peoples are follow your google plus page.
And add the google plus button on your site because users can share your site content.

Why use Google plus :- 

1. You can find high rank your site on google .Because it is own platform of google.

2.You can share the blogs and articles and images on google plus. and find the image and article this type on google
3.google plus through SEO (Search Engine Optimization) will be good of your site

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What is Quality Score 2018 |

What is Quality Score:- Google Quality score show only the most relevant Ads When uses are google search.keyword is most important topic in Quality score. High rank keyword Ads.Google 
consider the million  of Ads and select the one of the most likely ads. This is the reflect in the quality score.

Keywords are improve of the quality score and Ads Rank . And quality score based on the relevance of ads in ad group. 
A quality score based on scale from 1 to 10. High quality score means maximum cost-per-click determine your Ad Rank. . just like Keywords and Landing pages.

How is the Quality score improve:-

1.Keyword:- High relevant keyword add in your google adword campaign. Keyword should be related to ad search. 

2.Good quality of Landing Page:- Google are scan your landing page and keyword are set related Keyword.just like page about Education and other business.

How is Quality score use:-

The Quality score determines the following.

1. Keyword's are Cost Per Click:- Keyword is the most importent part of quality score.

2. Keyword's first page bid:- Your Ad is likely show on the first page of search result when your keyword is high rank.

3.Ad Position:- High Quality score lead to higher Ad Position. The ad position is order by your ad appear on a page.

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What is google AdWord

Google Adword:- Adword is a Tool of google. And you can use. Now Create online Ads and run on computers and other mobile devices. And Google Adword is large tool regarding online Advertising. And you can promote own business product. Just like your business E commerce  site products and other any sites

First of all you need to google Adword campaign.Then you need to good keyword, high rank keyword.

Structure of Google Adword

There are many type of google Ads:-

1.Display Ads.

2.Video Ads.

3.Search Ads.

4.App Ads.

Display Ads:- Display Ads are Show this type.

Video Ads:-  Video ads are show just like on YouTube and other Movice Site and Video ad show just like. 

Search ads:- Search Ads are show This type.

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16 Jan 2018

How To Create Google Adwords Campaign 2018

How to create step by step google adword account:-

Google adword is a google tool and it is most important  part of digital marketing. Create online ads run on mobiles and computers.and target your ads specific locations. And select specific  keywords. And track analyze results.And optimization your adword campaign.

Step 1:- Go to the Google Adword Account.Then click on start now.

Step 2:- Welcome to google adword fill the gmail_id and web URL then submit .

Step3:- Hello welcome to google adword account fill the user information.Information will be Gmail_id and select the country and select the currency country wise.

Step4:- Select the Google adword account.
Step5:- Open the Google Adword Express.Click on compare Adword Express with Adword

Step:6- Click on Google adword and express.

Step7:- Fill the about your business.

Step8:- Payment fill.

Step9:- Complete your account for google Adword. and click go your account.

Step10:- Your Adword Campaign is successful.

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