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What is Quality Score:- Google Quality score show only the most relevant Ads When uses are google search.keyword is most important topic in Quality score. High rank keyword Ads.Google 
consider the million  of Ads and select the one of the most likely ads. This is the reflect in the quality score.

Keywords are improve of the quality score and Ads Rank . And quality score based on the relevance of ads in ad group. 
A quality score based on scale from 1 to 10. High quality score means maximum cost-per-click determine your Ad Rank. . just like Keywords and Landing pages.

How is the Quality score improve:-

1.Keyword:- High relevant keyword add in your google adword campaign. Keyword should be related to ad search. 

2.Good quality of Landing Page:- Google are scan your landing page and keyword are set related Keyword.just like page about Education and other business.

How is Quality score use:-

The Quality score determines the following.

1. Keyword's are Cost Per Click:- Keyword is the most importent part of quality score.

2. Keyword's first page bid:- Your Ad is likely show on the first page of search result when your keyword is high rank.

3.Ad Position:- High Quality score lead to higher Ad Position. The ad position is order by your ad appear on a page.

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