18 Jan 2018

What is Blogger

What is Blogger?

In this tutorial we share the knowledge,what is blogger. Blogger is very good platform regarding to blogging, But it is a free tool of google.So you can use blogger tool free of cost.If you want to create a blog on blogger.then,First of all you need to gmail_id. If you have gmail Account then you can create blog easily.


There are some point of blogger:-

 what purpose of create blog

Promote business:- If you have a business , But you want to promote your business online.Then , you can promote business easily on blogger.First of all you create the website on blogger.After create website upload the own servers on site. Blogger site is completely free.So you can find good benefit

Earn money:-If you have good knowledge regarding to any technology and recipe and any courses and health etc. Then you can share knowledge on blogger.But you content should be unique.Then, you can earn more money on blogger minimum 1000$ daily.

Ad sense:- Google are more million $ company and, it is very trusted company of USA. and google provide the  ad-sense service also.If you want to make money from google ad sense. But it is only possible when,you have quality content.Because you will be increase blog popularity from quality content.So you would earn money easily from google ad sense. Fist of all you need to good topic of blog. After 30 post complete you can apply ad sense own blog.

Blogger content:- Blogger is a tool of google, but Google have some policies regarding to blogger.If your blogger is opposite google policies.So your blog content should be not same other blogger.If your content same other blogger site.Then, In this condition of your blog will be no rank in google.and you can not find benefit from blogger. So first of all Your content should be legally and uniquely.

why should do blogging

If you create blog, then first of all increase your popularity in industry.And with in your knowledge strong. And can be earn 1000$ money daily also from blogging.And it is the great opportunity of you, earn money.

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