17 Jan 2018

What is Google Plus

Google Plus:- Google Plus is large social media network tool. It is launched 28 June 2011 and currently 111 million active users on Google Plus. You can create google plus page free of cost no charge. And Google plus page represent own organization name.you can share site post and image.And  you can promote business. And your fan's and followers are find your post. And add the Google +1 badge on your site, so peoples are follow your google plus page.
And add the google plus button on your site because users can share your site content.

Why use Google plus :- 

1. You can find high rank your site on google .Because it is own platform of google.

2.You can share the blogs and articles and images on google plus. and find the image and article this type on google
3.google plus through SEO (Search Engine Optimization) will be good of your site

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