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How to create a blog on blogger

If you want to create a blog on blogger. Then, First of all, you need to gmail_id account then, And basically, blogger provides the free subdomain just like www.rockdevesh.blogspot.in. And if you want to take a commercial domain, like  .com, .in, .org, etc . you can get easily commercial domains on blogger because blogger provides also this services,they are also paid service.

There are some points on how to create a blog step by step.

Step1. Go to Blogger.com then sign google account. After sign_in blog account, you click on create a blog.

Step2:- Sign in google account then fill the title and blogger address.

Step3:- You can add the commercial domain in the blogger. But it is the paid service. you can purchase one year tow three, depend on you.

Step4:- Go to the Dashboard of the blogger. Then create a new post in the blogger. But your post content unique, because your blog does not rank in google.

Step5:- Written the content and add an image. Then you can add Label(Category ) and edit the permalink and Location and add Description. then publish the post.

Step6:- Share the post on Google Plus, Because your blog fast rank on google and promotion also incenses in some time. 

Step7:-  If you want to change title and blogger address another setting. then click on setting option

Step8:- If you want to change Layout then click on Layout. And use the multiple layouts.

Step9:- If you want to change the blogger theme. then click on the blogger theme. find out this type of screen. you can change theme.and save the theme.

Step10:- Your blog is a complete show. And you can start upload a post daily basis.

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