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what is the Social bookmarking in SEO:-

Bookmarking is the most important part of (SEO) digital marketing. So we can start easily bookmarking of your site. If you want to increase traffic on your website. And blog or website good page rank on google. And create a high-quality back-link. So, First of all, we need to social bookmarking site list But bookmarking sites page rank should be 7-8 minimum, Then you can find a good increase in your site.

Let's go- First of all, you need amazing content and keyword and Description, etc...If your web page content is good then your web page rank is good. Then we can start work on your site. But I would like to say your web page rank depends on your blog content. And it is not a black hat (SEO)(Search Engine Optimization), but it is the white hat SEO(Search Engine Optimization).

Advantage of bookmarking:-

1. Back-link increase in your site.
2. Increase the traffic of the website.
3.online business promote.
4. The page rank fast grow.
5.Fast indexing your pages.

Back-link:- If you want to create a good back-link of your site. And if your website back-links is good then your web page rank is good in search engine. So bookmarking is the best option to create the back-link and traffic increase of your site.

Increase the traffic of the website:- If you are working continuously on bookmarking sites with amazing content. Then you can achieve good traffic on your website. Because your site work continues.

The online business promotes:- you can promote own business from social bookmarking and sharing of social media sites. so you can make brand own products in marketing.
just like your website, and eCommerce products.and your local business etc..

Fast indexing your pages:- Social Bookmarking fully helps your site page link fast index in google search engine. If you want to site page fast index in google search engine. Then you should be also connected webmaster tool.

The page rank fast grow:- If the user searches any keyword regarding your website on google. Then your site page links the first page top level. So your page rank fast grows in search engines.

Top ten bookmarking site list.











How to do start social bookmarking site:-

First of all, we need bookmarking sites then we need to Title and meta description and meta keyword and author name, etc..

1. Go to the bookmarking site suppose that reddit.com.

2. Crete the account on bookmarking site.

3. Fill the User name and Password.

4 Find the good stuff .then click on SUBSCRIBE.

5. Click on submit a new Link.

6. Fill the URL and Title and Keyword and Choose your subscribed.

7. Complete your post.


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