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How to create step by step google adword account:-

Google adword is a google tool and it is most important  part of digital marketing. Create online ads run on mobiles and computers.and target your ads specific locations. And select specific  keywords. And track analyze results.And optimization your adword campaign.

Step 1:- Go to the Google Adword Account.Then click on start now.

Step 2:- Welcome to google adword fill the gmail_id and web URL then submit .

Step3:- Hello welcome to google adword account fill the user information.Information will be Gmail_id and select the country and select the currency country wise.

Step4:- Select the Google adword account.
Step5:- Open the Google Adword Express.Click on compare Adword Express with Adword

Step:6- Click on Google adword and express.

Step7:- Fill the about your business.

Step8:- Payment fill.

Step9:- Complete your account for google Adword. and click go your account.

Step10:- Your Adword Campaign is successful.

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