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High CPC keywords for website:- Today Rock programmer provide the post how to find high CPC keyword for free of cost. CPC are Cost Per Click.  If you want to earn money from google ad-sense  then you need to first of all high (CPC) Keyword in your blogger website.because your site traffic increase and more money  earn money.

There are basically Keyword researching two methods

1.Paid method 

2.Free method.

Top ten High CPC keyword 2018 for google adsence

1.Insurance CPC: $13.97.

2. Loan   CPC: $6.50.

3. Credit CPC: $4.90.

Mortgage   CPC: $9.47

5.Lawyer  CPC: $9.47

6.Hosting CPC: $5.06

7.Claim CPC: $6.58

8.Attorney CPC: $5.14 

Today  i will talk to about free method for high CPC keyword. Many bloggers always spoken , my blogger traffic is increasing, but i am not earn more money from google adsense. So i am going to share knowledge, How to getting high cpc keyword.

First of all you install the Keyword Everywhere extension install the chrome  browser.

After Keyword Everywhere extension install the chrome  browser 

After install extension you need to Api key. then fill the email_id and you can go to the mail id and open the mail and copy Api key then past in Keyword Everywhere extension.

 Send the API key your mail_id, so you open the mail_id and copy the API key.

So, Copy this key and past in keyword research tool then after past key click on Validate.

After verify tool, you go to the ezinearticles.com  site and select the category regarding to your site articles.and copy categories from site and past bulk upload keyword. then click on submit button.

Finally find the high cpc keyword.

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Thanks rock programmer share the knowledge , I hope your site going on high level in feature.

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