13 Jan 2018

What is online marketing

What is online marketing?

You can promote your business online.

Organic search:- Organic search results are listings on search engine page results.just like Google.com, The Customers 
are find your site in organic search , Online marketing is most powerful tool regarding your Business,Business just like 
eCommerce product and other etc product.Online marketing such as internet marketing. Depend on organic search to promote your business if you prefer to spend time enhancing your site rather than money to buy advertising.

google Webmaster tool is the most important tool promote your business.

online Advertising:- You can promote your site through online advertising.You can use online advertising in which several way. you can learn more and create account www.google.com/adwords.

Local Online Marketing:- Local online marketing search customers in your city,region, and community with your local business. Local online marketing to drive online customers in your offline location.

Many People use the internet research product or services in local area. Just like visit site https://www.google.com/business/ , this is 
free tool. google provide free service (Local business).

Social Media Marketing:- Social media marketing build relationships with your customers. just like your friends etc....
Email marketing:- Email marketing is an effective way to  share the product and business. Promote offers and Update offer.

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How to verify site with google analytics

Verify the site on google analytics step by step:-  Google analytics is very most important part of your site. Google analytics provide information your site visitors,searching,keyword search etc....

How to verify Step1:- Go to the google analytics site.

Step2:- Sign up the account of account of google analytics.

Step3:- Fill the information according to analytics recruitments.
Step5:- Submit the information.
Step6:-  Click on I Accept.

Find the code and ID this type . This id and code fill in the website. This script  fill in the <header> tag.
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12 Jan 2018

how to get your business on google search

How to show your business on google:-  We can Promote your business on internet search engine . This is the best option of promote business. 

Step by Step get your business on google search:-

Step1:- Go to the google.com then click on business .

Step2:- Go to the Business click on Business Account .

Step3:- Click on Start Now the Fill the over information.

Step4:- Fill information then Submit the information on google business and set the Location.

Deshboard:- Go to the Home page on google business.and find the verification code with in 12 days by post your address.

Step6:- Go to google.com then search the keyword own business name .Then find the result.

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