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What is SMO in digital marketing:-

SMO is Social Media Optimization .SMO is most important part of SEO search engine optimization (Digital marketing). Social Media are also very large networking, So Social Media Optimization very most important part of internet searching. If you want to promote your site and blogs and e-commerce products then you can share post on social media sites. So you can find good ranking of site in searching.There are many different type social media companies like face-book and Twitter and Instagram Digg Tumbler  etc.

How to start Social media marketing

you can start easily Social media marketing first of all you need to social media sites accounts. And register the account on social media sites,and create the channel on site, then first of all you need to amazing content of your site. If your content is amazing then your site can  growth in sometime . 
Content is very most important in social media marketing.

There are some point of social media marketing.

1. Amazing Content of your site:- If your content is amazing so you can find good result in sometime and visitors also increase on your site.

2.Sharing Post:- If you share post regularly then your site fast increase on internet searching. And Visitors also increase.

3.Create Page on site:- It you create page on social site just like Facebook. then you need to first of all followers and likes because your post could be reached on people.

Different between Social media optimization (SMO) and search engine optimization(SEO)

SMO Social media optimization are working mostly on page optimization, because social media provide mostly paid service and you can start easily Social media optimization, first of all you need to Social media website just like Facebook and Instagram and Digg etc. 

SEO search engine optimization provide the on page SEO and off page SEO. SEO means targeted traffic on website and increase the visitors on your sites . SEO is very most important part of your online business.so you can groth business online.

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