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what is directory submission in seo?

Directory submission best SEO(Search Engine Optimization)Trick. And it is the processing of listing own your site.if you want to high page rank own site, Then you can submit URL(Uniform Resource Locator) on directory submission sites.It is call directory submission.

If You want to create back-links then you can submit site on Directory submission sites. It is the best service of link building of your site.

For Example:- If you have a Blogger site, but you want to blog page raking, then you can start directory submission

Types directory submission in SEO:-

There are Many types of Directory submission.

1.Free Directory submission:- Free Directory submission provide the free service nobody charges. But your site link no assurance regarding to link approved

2.Paid Directory submission:-It is part of Directory submission but you can approved your site link with in 24 hours.And you can get good back-link some time.so we can say this type of Directory are  Paid Directory.

3.Do follow Directory submission:-It is the best service increase your site ranking in SEO. Every Blogger want to good ranking on your blogger.Do follow Directory back-link is very important getting highly ranking of your blogger site.

4.No follow Directory submission.:- You can not submit site in wrong category.

Benifites directory submission:- 

1. You can get safe back-link of your site.And your site ranking is good in search engine. and your site keyword are searching increase.

2.You can increase earning  of your blogger site.And increase your site audience.It is the best option of your site ranking.

How to do submit your blogger site on Directory submission.

It is the very easy process of directory submission.So first of all you need to some point.then you open the notepad on your computer and save this file and written
the details.

1.Open notpade.

2.Your blogger site Title

3.Your blogger site URL.

4.Your RSS Feed likn.


6.Web description(Minimum 80 words).

7.Site Author name.

8.Social profile Link and etc...

After complete detail save the file. Then fill the all information on directory submission site. And go to the google and search high PR rank directory submission sites. Now you have more site list of directory submission.then open the any high PR rank site then fill the details according to site box.so after complete information fill captcha then click on submit button.


johan32 said...

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Ethan Ryan said...

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