8 Nov 2017

How To Add Entity Framework Reference in Visual Studio 2012

How To Add Entity Framework Reference in Visual Studio 

Entity Framework is the access the data technology in asp.net ans.Entity framework create the data model.The Microsoft provide to Object/Relational Mapping(ORM) Framework
but call Entity Framework. Entity Framework syntax (.edmx).

Reference entity framework in project in asp.net:-

First of all we create the new project in visual studio and chooses the template according to your require. Go to the visual stdio then click on new project and click on add reference. 

2. In this slide click on add then add new item. this the second step of entity framework reference add. 

3. In this slid go to the visual c# then Select the  Data option and add the ADO.NET entity data model.then add name entity framework and syntax of entity .edmx then click on Add button.

4. Step four in you select the data format, but it the by default select (Generate data format), After select data click on next button.

5. Add new Connection in Entity framework.

6. Add  the server name and database name  then test the connection then enter.

7. Click on New connection.

8. Select the table and store procedure etc....

9. your entity data model is ready. entity data model show this type .

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5 Nov 2017

What is self Join

What is self join:-

Self join is not join it is concept.self join can take only single table.

create table Employees
Eid int primary key identity(1,1),
Ename varchar(50),
Manager int

select * from Employees

truncate table Employees  // How to truncate table //

insert into Employees values('Varsha',9)
insert into Employees values('Pooja',5)
insert into Employees values('Nidhi',4)
insert into Employees values('Devesh',2)
insert into Employees values('Shiva',6)
insert into Employees values('Princi',8)
insert into Employees values('Usa',3)
insert into Employees values('Neelam',1)
insert into Employees values('Deepak',7)

select E2.Ename,E1.Ename from Employees E1 inner join Employees E2 on E1.Eid=E2.Manager

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