4 Aug 2017

What is Asp .Net

What is Asp .Net-

1. Asp.net is a framework development developed by Microsoft in 2002. 

2. It is also called as a tool for platform.

3.Dot net is not a programming language , It is a collection of multiple programming language Like C#.

4. Dot net has own executable engine Called CLR.

5. CLR stand for comman Language Runtime means its common to all OS.

6.Dot net has collection of predefined class called FCL (Framework Class Library).

9.After Compiler any Program is dot net environment , We achieve a compile file is called assembly file.

10.Assembly file contain "IL" code ,(IL) stand for Intermediate Language.

                    Static void main()

using system---------------> called NameSpaces
Ex- WAP Hello print.
using system;
class ABC
public static void main()

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