13 Dec 2017

what is system database in sql server

How many types of system database:-

 SYSTEM DATABASES:  Once we install SQL Server, a set of FIVE system databases are AUTO created.

 A. MASTER  : Used to control connections and Client-Server TDS Packets including Other databases in the instance (server).

B. MODEL    : Used to define a template for new databases we create on the server. We can create upto 32767 databases in an instance.

C. MSDB  : Used to manage the server & databases. This database is used by DBAs & MSBI Deployment Managers for routine maintenance activities.

 Ex: SQL Server Jobs, Alerts, Emails, SSIS Packages....

D. TEMPDB   : Used to perform calculations, indexes, query tuning (making the queries run faster), temporary storage. TEMPORARY TABLES

E. RESOURCE DATABASE  : Read Only, hidden databases used to control all above system databases. This is started by SQL Server "Service".

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