29 Dec 2017

What is filegroup in sql server

The database is a physical collection of files. Grouped into file groups.
The database is logically a collection of tables. Grouped into schema.

To bridge the gap between these entities: we use “file groups"
File-groups is used to group one or more data files and route table data.

Whenever we define a database one file-group is auto-created: "primary file-groups"

Syntax for table creation:

                Create table <schema name>.<table name>
                                Column name <type> <constraint>,
                                Column name <type> <constraint>,
                                Column name <type> <constraint>,
                                Column name <type> <constraint>,
                                On file group name

Only one primary key is possible per table.
No limit on a number of unique & foreign keys.
Purpose of file groups: easy data allocation + performance tuning +Easy recovery

Purpose of schema:-      easy security management

Default schema is dob = database owner.

Default file group is primary.

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