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 install sql server 2012 step by step

Step 1: Open installation media in new window then right click on setup file to run the setup file.

 Step 2: Installation Center

Then Click on Installation section .

Step 3: Product Updates

Product  Updates to  SQL Server performance as my setup found one update of 22 MB .

Step 4: Install Setup Files

  Install Setup Files on this window, then you click on Install button to install the updates.

Step 5: Setup Support Rules

After successful then  setup will again run a check to ensure .

Step 6: Product Key

Product Key SQL Server you want to install on your machine with your product key and click Next.

Step 7: License Term

Accept the license by clicking on (I accept license terms. then ) Next click.

Step 8: Setup Role

 Setup Role like install SQL Server instance or install instance  By default it is select SQL Server Feature Installation.

Step 9: Components or Features to Install

Step 10: Installation Rules

Step 12: Instance Configuration

This step will  ask, how many type of instance you want to configure,   we can install Default or Named instance. The default instance is already installed.

Step 13: Disk Space requirement summary

This step, you will get disk space summary which will show how much disk space your instance will take on the machine.

Step 14: Server Configuration

This step you will find options to Service  Configuration. 

Step 15: Database Engine Configuration

This is the most important step because , you will configure your servers configuration, data directories and file stream options.

Data root directory.
System database directory,
User database log directory,
User database directory,
Temp data and log directories, and
Backup location

Step 16: Error Reporting to Microsoft.

Step 17: Installation Configuration Rule

Step 18: Installation Summary

you will get the summary of your installation .

Step 19:  Installation process Go!

Installation process will start.

Step 20: Installation completed

After successful installation you will get the following window. show you the components installed on your machine with (Succeeded) message .

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