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How to create privacy policy page in blogger

You can create a privacy policy itself, But you need knowledge. mostelly the bloggers don't have a knowledge regarding to privacy policy . How to create a good privacy policy . In that case, I am provide to knowledge for bloggers, How to generate privacy policy in a blogger, basically i am using one such service provided by 


How to Generate Privacy Policy-

Open the site SerpRank privacy policy generator page.

The Serp Rank privacy policy page submit the Own blogger Site URL and Email Id.

If your blog use cookies then select Yes button then we use cookies option. [if you are serving advertising]

If you want to put google Adsense on blogger then select the  google Adsense options.

Click the create my privacy policy button.

How to add privacy Policy page on own blogger.

1.Go to the blogger dashboard.

2.Create new page in a blogger.

3.Copy the code privacy policy past in blogger page.

4.Add page title is "Title of Privacy policy ".

5.Public your Page.

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