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Including a get in touch with us frame in Blogger is a monotonous assignment as it doesn't bolster modules like WordPress.

What the majority of the Blogspot bloggers does is to look for the assistance of outsider locales

The Benefits of Official Blogger Contact Us Form
You will get the message when one sends it. What's more, the deliverability is 100% too. 

The basic interface makes it simple for the guests to get in touch with you. 

On the off chance that you know Course Template (CSS) dialect, it will be simple for you to modify the shape according to your loving. 

The whole page won't get reloaded for sending the message.

Part- 1: Adding the Contact Gadget

Following the concepts contact us form.

Step-1  Visit blogger.com then log on own account . if you have multiple blog then you can choose own blog in blogger list

Step -2: Click  the sidebar Layout.

Step 3: Click on Layout then you can add contact us gadgets

Step 4:  Add the contact us form then click more Gadgets then new add contact us form .

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